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Tattoo Proposal Form

My booking process may look differently from other artists you may have worked with. I place a lot of consideration into your tattoo experience as well as your tattoo.

I open my books every 3 months or quarterly, so that everyone has equal opportunity to book an appointment. I don't want to be booked a year in advance making a chance to work with me seem unattainable.


I work with one client per day. I want each client to have the space and time to consider placement and take as many breaks as they may need or want. I don't want any of my clients to feel rushed. I also want to consider your availability and how we can find a date that works with your schedule and mine. Quality work is expensive and I don't want my clients to have to take a day off of work and loose money to spend money. That is why I own a private studio where I can and will work weekdays, weeknights and weekends.

My hourly rate is $130/hr which includes set up, placement, tattooing, break down and bandaging. I do not continue to charge for client breaks in any capacity. Take as long as you need.


I am a formally trained artist and can draw anything but if I feel I am not able to give your idea the justice it deserves I will gladly refer you to an artist that can. I believe there is space in this industry for everyone.


I look forward to hearing your project proposals and will bring the same intent and care to each and every one.

Thanks for submitting!

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